3 days / 12 talks
Transformation through Electrification

November 26-28
Plenary 2

Richard Harper

Richard Harper is Practice Leader, Infrastructure BC for WSP with 27 years experience in renewable energy, pipeline feasibility, predesign, design, and construction management for renewable energy, water, sewer, drainage and infrastructure systems. He is a specialist in trenchless technology including tunneling, HDD, pipe bursting, CIPP, and fold and form pipe jacking. Richard’s expertise also includes project management, design and construction management of large infrastructure projects including run-of-river, wind, pipelines, reinforced concrete water retaining structures, intakes, pump stations, weirs, and shore protection. Many projects included a multidisciplinary approach that involved geotechnical, electrical, mechanical, civil, structural, and environmental disciplines.

Richard is currently a member of the Clean Energy Association of BC (CEBC), Chair of Marketing Committee and member of HydroComm committee. His skills include presentations to senior municipal staff and municipal Council (both regular and in-camera). Richard was also a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Engineering Award of Excellence (Millstone Pipe Bursting project) and CEBC Project of the Year (Cape Scott Wind Farm).

His most recent work over the last 4 years has been to focus on climate change and the role of electrification in meeting Paris Accord targets.  He is one of the core contributors to CEBC White Paper being responsible for Electrification and GHG Reduction in the LNG and Upstream Gas sector including the Business Case.

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