2 days / 12 talks
Transformation through Electrification

November 26-28

Day 1

Plenary 4

Perspectives of BC’s Associations: Benefits of a Low-Carbon Future

Across the many associations of BC, how will a low-carbon economy help members?

As the globe transforms into a low-carbon future, what does this mean for the associations of BC? Join this lively discussion about the future of business in British Columbia. Planning with global trends in mind, decarbonizing fossil fuel industry is the only way our products can be competitive in the future. To meet our GHG emission reduction targets, further expanding our renewable sector will undoubtedly require natural resources. Aligning industry and the wider business community of BC to take climate change and decarbonization into consideration allows us to showcase our innovative solutions and technologies.


Jae Mather

Jae is the Executive Director of Clean Energy BC. He designs and implements energy efficiency and climate change strategies across the built environment, government and NGO sectors.



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