2 days / 12 talks
Transformation through Electrification

November 26-28

Day 1

Plenary 2

LNG & Our Electrification White Paper Findings

With BC developing our LNG industry, our only option to meet our climate targets is through electrification.

The Clean Energy Association of BC is excited to announce the release of the “Electrification of British Columbia” white paper. The timing has been fortunate with the BC Government’s upcoming climate action plan to be released in Spring 2019, and LNG Canada’s decision to move ahead with the $40 billion project. These developments mean that every tonne of increase in GHGs associated with an LNG facility requires that an additional tonne of GHG savings be found elsewhere. Most significantly, it will need to come from industry, buildings and transportation.

This session will explore the findings of the white paper more in-depth. How do we reach our emission reduction goals? We must focus on clean growth and electrifying industry, heating, and transportation. To meet our 2010, 40% GHG reduction target we would likely need to increase the amount of electricity produced in BC by around 50%; and to meet our 2050, 80% reduction target, BC would need over 100% more electricity.


Jae Mather

Jae is the Executive Director of Clean Energy BC. He designs and implements energy efficiency and climate change strategies across the built environment, government and NGO sectors.



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