2 days / 12 talks
Transformation Through Electrification

November 26-28

Day 1

Plenary 5

Big Ideas Show

Big Ideas Show Promises Sequins, Solutions

This year’s Generate 2018 includes a special treat: The Big Ideas Show.

The Big Ideas Show is an entertaining, inspiring, and fast-paced clean-energy “game show” where the audience picks the winner.

We invite contestants to pitch conference attendees their most inspired ideas on how best to increase awareness, deployment, and performance of clean energy generation in British Columbia.

We’ve enlisted clean-energy empresario James Glave to emcee The Big Ideas Show. He’s promised to rent that sequined jacket again!

Generate 2018 Big Ideas Show James Glave


James Glave

James is an author, editor, and communications professional focused on the low-carbon economy and solutions to climate change.



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