2 days / 12 talks
Transformation through Electrification

November 26-28

Day 2

Plenary 9

Electrification, It’s Happening Now

The transformation is happening now, and companies are taking charge. The RE100 movement is a global phenomenon. According to IRENA, the commercial and industrial sectors account for two thirds of the world’s electricity demand. With the world’s most influential companies committing to 100% renewable energy, this is sending out an international signal that will encourage lasting change. TD Bank is Canada’s first company to join the RE100 movement and has committed to sourcing the equivalent of its operations from renewable energy. The story from Electric Operations highlights an exciting signal as they switch from coal to wind power. Our transformation into a low-carbon future can be found almost anywhere! Join this plenary to discover the different approaches that are being taken globally.


Matthew Klippenstein

A chemical engineer by training, Matthew Klippenstein P.Eng. worked in the fuel cell and renewable energy consulting sectors, and currently helps administer a government EV infrastructure program.



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