3 days / 12 talks
Transformation Through Electrification

November 26-28

Plenary 3

Logan Ashcraft

Logan is currently a Global Green Bonds Partnership Lead at Electric Capital Management.

She specializes in scaling low-carbon energy and agriculture technologies.

She began her career with Deloitte Consulting, spending 4 years in the firm’s international development practice. Her work was dedicated to increasing renewable energy investment and electrification rates throughout Central America and Southern Africa.

She later joined Generate Capital, she got to know the indoor agriculture sector and developed an appreciation for the economic challenges it faces due to high energy costs.

Eager to dive deeper on this issue, she joined indoor farming start-up Plenty and defined the company’s strategy on energy cost management and renewables integration. Since then, she’s co-authored a paper on the energy economics and sustainability of indoor agriculture (to be published by Columbia University in early 2019), and was interviewed on Greentech Media’s The Interchange to discuss the same topic. ,

Logan holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Yale University and resides in San Francisco.

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