3 days / 12 talks
Transformation through Electrification

November 26-28


Kim Vinet

Kim Vinet is an energy professional and professional skier. After 9 years of petroleum exploration, Kim detoxed in competitive freeride skiing by reconnecting with our natural, winter landscapes and the passionate people who inhabit them.

Geologist by training, Kim’s love of adventure and the outdoors led to an interest in environmentalism and regulatory compliance. Managing many large oilfield projects in AB and BC gave Kim a discerning sense of not only how the petroleum industry is regulated, but also how we must move forward to implement clean energy projects. For the past 3 years, Kim has worked in the field of geothermal energy production. Observing the distinct lack of government framework in the field of renewables has highlighted the necessity for the systemic evolution of policy in the energy industry.

Most recently, Kim has been working with Protect Our Winters; a passionate group of athletes and outdoors brands who are using their platforms to share information about climate change and the need for sustainable development with those outside of the energy industry. Kim is fortunate to experience a unique career that spans the rift between those who have the technical understanding of our energy future and the vast majority of people who feel helpless in the face of their options as a consumer.



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