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November 27-28

Sharc International Systems Inc.

Sharc International Systems Inc is a renewable energy company that recovers heat from wastewater to provide low carbon water heating and space conditioning.

SHARC International Systems Inc. offers two innovative products that use wastewater as an energy source. The SHARC™ and PIRANHA™ reuse thermal energy in wastewater to provide low carbon, cost-effective and environmentally clean domestic hot water pre-heating, space heating and air conditioning. Wastewater provides the ultimate renewable energy source, with an inexhaustible supply of thermal energy and opportunity to offset the use of natural gas. The SHARC and PIRANHA are truly innovative in their ability to utilize this largely untapped energy source, never letting the energy escape the building, re-using thermal energy over and over again. SHARC’s systems have efficiencies between 400 to 500 percent, meaning for every dollar one spends on electricity to operate a system, they receive approximately $4 to $5 worth of energy recovered. SHARC is positioned to service and respond to where the biggest thermal energy loads exist now and into the future-densely populated cities. Our award-winning SHARC technology represents the greatest opportunity in the world to reduce everyday carbon emissions and is the way of the future!

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The best way to get in touch with Sharc International Systems Inc.:

Address 1443 Spitfire Place | Port Coquitlam, BC | V3C 6L4 | Canada
Main Contact Lynn Mueller
Phone 604.475.7710
Fax 905.884.2410