3 days / 12 talks
Transformation through Electrification

November 26-28

Plenary 3

Dina Matterson

Dina Matterson is a Business Development Manager with the Business & Economic Development team at BC Hydro. Since joining BC Hydro in 2003, Dina has worked in a variety of roles including Key Account Management, Energy Acquisitions and Policy & Research.

As a Business Development Manager, Dina works with the Business & Economic Development team to proactively attract new customers to British Columbia by identifying the barriers to locating in B.C., and working collaboratively with key BC Hydro business groups, governments and non-government organizations to develop solutions to remove those barriers.

Currently, Dina is working with potential customers in the cryptocurrency and data centre industries.

Prior to joining BC Hydro, Dina worked in the high-tech industry in marketing communications roles. Dina has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of British Columbia, a Diploma in Business Administration from British Columbia Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Royal Roads University.

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